When selecting a disposable vape, four key factors often come into play: the range of flavors available, the number of puffs you can expect, how long the charge lasts, and of course, the price. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of our best-sellers to help you make an informed choice.


STEALTH disposable vapes present a broad spectrum of flavors, from deep tobaccos to vibrant fruits and refreshing mints, tailored for vapers seeking a subtle yet genuine taste experience. Each device delivers approximately 8,000 puffs, making them a great match for individuals who vape lightly to moderately throughout the day.

These vapes are crafted to be used straight out of the box and are designed to last until the e-liquid is depleted, eliminating the need for recharging. With a price point that's considerate of the budget-conscious consumer, STEALTH offers an economical choice without compromising on the quality of the vaping experience.

Geek Bar Pulse

Geek Bar Pulse distinguishes itself with its lively and diverse flavor offerings, offering everything from exotic fruits to the refreshing chill of cool mints, all designed to deliver a satisfying vaping experience. With each device capable of providing approximately 5000-8000 puffs, Geek Bar Pulse caters to vapers who demand more from their devices, either in terms of frequent usage or the desire for a product that stands the test of time without needing a replacement too soon.

The thoughtful design of Geek Bar Pulse includes a built-in battery optimized to last as long as the pod itself, ensuring that users can enjoy their vape without the fuss of frequent charging. Positioned comfortably in the mid-range price category, it offers an appealing balance between cost, outstanding performance, and a wide variety of flavors. This makes Geek Bar Pulse an excellent choice for those who prioritize both quality and affordability in their vaping experience.


Allo disposable vapes make their mark with strikingly bold and true-to-taste flavors, winning over users with their refreshing fruit blends and creamy dessert selections. Catering to those who value flavor authenticity in their vaping experience, Allo ensures that each puff is as enjoyable as the last.

With the capability to deliver up to 800 puffs per device, Allo is tailored for vapers who are after a product that can keep up with their needs for extended periods, allowing for continuous usage without the interruption of frequent replacements.

Designed for convenience, Allo disposables come pre-charged and are ready to use right out of the box, eliminating any concerns about charging. They are engineered to last until all the e-liquid has been used, offering a worry-free vaping experience.

Additionally, Allo positions itself as a highly competitive option in the market by offering affordability without compromising on the puff count or flavor quality. This combination of longevity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness makes Allo an attractive choice for those seeking both value and performance in their disposable vape.

Flavour Beast

Flavour Beast lives up to its name by delivering a range of intensely satisfying flavors. Whether you're in the mood for sweet desserts or tangy fruits, these disposables are designed with the flavor enthusiast in mind, ensuring each vape session is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

In addition to its massive flavor profile, Flavour Beast offers an average capacity of 4,000 puffs per device, catering especially well to heavy vapers or those who prefer not to switch devices too frequently.

Each device comes pre-charged, ready to use right out of the packaging, and is designed to last until the e-liquid runs out, providing convenience and peace of mind. Despite its premium flavor experience and higher puff count, Flavour Beast manages to maintain an affordable price point, making it an appealing choice for vapers looking for quality and value in their disposable vape.


The variety and uniqueness of the flavors make Ghost a go-to option for those looking to break from the ordinary and explore a wider spectrum of vaping tastes.

With each Ghost device offering around 2,000-3,000 puffs, users are treated to a product that balances longevity with performance, making it an ideal choice for regular vapers who prefer not to be burdened with constant device replacements.

These disposables come pre-charged, allowing for instant use right from the moment of purchase, and are designed to provide a consistent vaping experience until all the e-liquid is consumed. In terms of cost, Ghost positions itself as a competitively priced brand that doesn't skimp on puff count or flavor quality.


This brand is all about enhancing the usual vaping experience with unexpected flavor profiles, adding an exciting dimension to each puff. Spin is particularly appealing to those who want to enjoy their favorite flavors in a new way, providing a fresh take on the conventional without straying too far from what's loved and familiar.

With a moderate offering of 8,000-12,000 puffs per device, Spin caters well to vapers who prioritize both flavor and convenience in their daily vaping routine. These disposables are designed to be user-friendly, arriving pre-charged and ready for immediate use, ensuring you can start vaping with no delay.

Spin also stands out for its affordability, striking a commendable balance between cost, the diversity of flavors, and the total number of puffs. This makes Spin an excellent choice for those seeking a cost-effective vaping solution that doesn’t compromise on taste or convenience.

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